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The Silverhawk Jet Card

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With the Silverhawk Jet Card, you may utilize more than one aircraft at a time. With access to our entire fleet and no interchange fees, you’re never forced to pay for more aircraft than you need.

The initial deposit is $100,000. Funds will only be deducted from your account as you travel. Unused credit is fully refundable at any time and never expires.

We also provide the option to lock in current rates for a further 12 months with an additional $100,000 deposit at any time.

NO membership fees or dues

NO fuel surcharges

NO charge for taxi time

NO peak day or holiday charges

NO blackout dates

Free WiFi, texts, and calls on all jets

Access to the entire Silverhawk Aviation fleet, with no interchange fees

Silverhawk Jet Card


The rates listed below do not include federal and state taxes


  • Light jet | $4,360 / hr
  • Mid-sized jet | $5,800 / hr
  • Applies to live leg only
  • No overnight or wait time charges
  • Free WiFi, texts, and calls


  • Light jet | $2,565 / hr
  • Mid-sized jet | $3,400 / hr
  • 25% off overnight charges
  • Free WiFi, texts, and calls
  • Up to 7 days / 6 nights

King Air

  • 10% discount from retail on live legs, empty legs, and crew rates.

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